Saturday, January 21, 2012

Take it Easy on the Rice

Over the years since I started my healthy diet, I developed a surefire method to keep my rice consumption to a minimum. I call it the "scraping method". The trick is to use a fork instead of a spoon to scoop my rice. Thus, I'm merely "scraping" my rice because not a lot of rice sticks on to a fork as much as to a spoon. People I eat with sometimes tease me because of the amount of rice I leave on my plate. When the teasing stops, they end up finishing off the rice for me!

Despite my cautionary affair with rice, I could not completely remove it from my diet like others do. I love rice! It's a good source of energy to get me through my exercise routines. Just take it easy on it -- left unchecked, excess carbs are converted to fat -- not cool!

1 comment:

  1. my way of limiting rice consumption is taking my lunch outs at carinderias and just order one serving of rice. kasi kung sa bahay you are tempted to gorge on more than one cup.